How to Get Your ID Cards to Last Longer

ID cards are very important to us, but we have issues keeping them. Most times, they break because we use them often. It takes lots of effort and time to design cards, get the necessary information and print them. It even takes longer to replace broken cards. There are different ways to make your card last longer and reduce the cost and time of card replacements. These include lamination and badge holders.

How to Get Your ID Cards to the Last Longer

You do not have to subject yourself to frequent replacement of cards. You just need to know how to make them last longer. Let’s take a deep look at the ways mentioned above.


This is usually applied after the card has been printed, and it protects the texts and images on your cards. It is an additional clear or holographic layer that can be in various thicknesses. Lamination makes the card much more durable, especially those cards that are often swiped through a card reader daily. It protects the surface of your cards against scratches, fading, and cracking, amongst other things. Lamination also makes it quite difficult for scammers to duplicate cards. There are different lamination processes which include

  1. Overlaminates: These are applied to your card during the print process. It’s a faster and easier process but more expensive. It’s advisable to use this process when you have many cards to work on. Also, this lamination requires a printer upgrade.
  2. Adhesive laminates: These are applied after an ID card has been printed, and you can either apply it to the front or back. This means cardholders can decide to laminate the ID can after being issued. Adhesive laminates are added by hand and save costs. If you do not want to reprint or reissue old cards, adhesive laminate is the best option for your already printed cards.

Both processes can make your ID cards last longer, just opt for the one that suits you. Also, note that not all cards should be laminated.

Badge Holder

plastic ID badge holder is a plastic envelope that protects your cards from dirt, moisture, and bending. Also, holders have a wide variety of forms and functions, providing the protection and functionality required by your specific card program. This means holders can meet your personal needs. There are different types of badge holders, these include;

  1. Proximity card badge holders: these are designed to hold your card firmly. It also prevents your card from scratches and other damages.
  2. Standard badge holders: these are available in various shapes and colours and are structured to carry a single or many ID cards at once. This holder also comes with a pre-punched slot for lanyards and reels. This is a good choice for those who move around with multiple ID cards.
  3. Clip-on badge holders: You can easily attach these to your clothing. This is because they have a built-in clip on the back of the holder that allows it to be clipped onto clothing.  Also, this makes them ideal for passes and temporary visitors’ IDs.
  4. Rigid plastic holders: Most ID cards can snap or bend easily when rested on; you should consider these plastic holders. Rigid plastic holders also referred to as ‘moulded plastic holders ‘, are thick plastic that prevents ID cards from breaking.
  5. Convention badge holders: These are specially designed to contain large-format cards, usually bigger than the normal credit cards. They often have more space to contain multiple cards and other items.

Now that you know how to get your ID cards to last longer, you should choose an option suitable for your card.