How AI can Help Us Track Workouts and Improve Fitness

Exercise is no question important for our physical and mental health. But sometimes, sticking to a workout routine is hard, especially when we’re busy or don’t see results immediately. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can help.

How AI can Help Us Track Workouts

Several AI-powered fitness apps can help us track our workouts and meet our fitness goals. For example, Train Fitness AI uses AI to track our activity levels and sleep patterns and offers personalized coaching to help us stay on track. And the Nike+ app utilizes AI to give users real-time feedback on their runs. These apps show how AI can be used to not only track our progress but also motivate us to keep going.

In the future, AI will become even more involved in helping us stay fit. For example, imagine a pair of smart glasses that provide real-time feedback on our form as we work out. Or a shirt that monitors our heart rate and breathing to ensure we’re not overexerting ourselves. With AI, the possibilities are endless.


AI is already changing how we work out, and the trend will continue. By tracking our progress and providing personalized feedback, AI can help us stay on track and improve our fitness levels. So, if you’re looking for extra motivation to get moving, consider downloading a fitness app that uses AI technology.