A Complete Guide to Rolling Trays

If your preferred method of consumption is to stop by the dispensary and pick up some pre-rolls, take this as a warning: management platforms like MainStem are alerting consumers to an impending cone shortage that will hit you right in the pre-roll due to supply chain disruptions caused, in large part, by the persistent pandemic.

Fortunately for you, learning how to make your own is rather simple (and even more fortunately for you, we have your how-to here). All you have to do is gather a few marijuana-related supplies, such as a grinder, rolling papers, crutch-making materials, and a rolling tray, which is sometimes forgotten about.

Reasons to Use a Rolling Tray

You’re going to require a clean, level surface to roll a fantastic joint according to your preferences (fat, thin, long, short?). Although you could use something like a plate, rolling trays are designed specifically for the purpose and have raised sides to prevent your priceless herb from spilling out and flat bottoms for perfect rolling.

To keep all of your rolling equipment in one location, you can also use a rolling tray. While some rolling trays are simple things, others include distinct sections where you may keep your rolled joints, herbs, and other accessories. Rolling trays, however, are practical and inexpensive. They come in a variety of styles, from basic to personalized to holy cow — do I need a gold-plated RAW rolling tray?

How to Pick the Perfect Rolling Tray

Although selecting a rolling tray may appear straightforward at first, there are a number of factors to take into account:

A Raised Edge

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A rolling tray is different from a plate since it’s designed to collect and retain your herb while you roll. To prevent your stash from spilling out of the tray, look for a curved edge that is high enough. Be ready to occasionally fish weed out of the crevices of trays with straight edges, which can be wonderful for holding things in place.

Storage, A Slot For Placeholders, And The Lid

You may keep your rolled joints, grinder, crutches, etc. in a safe place if you get a tray with slots and storage. Of course, the lid also has the advantage of providing an additional layer of security (and is better for travel). There are numerous variations of the traditional rolling tray design (and some literally spin for easy sharing). Some trays are LED-lit or even glow in the dark. There are almost all possible types of accouterments available.

Custom Rolling Trays

A customizable rolling trays set with all the bells and whistles, including removable ashtrays, holes to hold the blunt upright, compartments for your grinder, and other bits and pieces, according to some, is necessary to get the most out of your rolling experience. If you’re serious about finding the ideal tray, you may customize one yourself or look at this search result from Etsy, where you can find more than 10,000 alternatives. If you enjoy working with wood or creating your ceramics, think about making one yourself!


The simple rolling tray may seem like a little advancement in cannabis technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. You can concentrate on what’s truly important: rolling a top-notch joint, by using a nice rolling tray to help make your rolling experience simpler, cleaner, and more confined.