Top 3D printed Christmas DIY ideas for 2022

Make a beautiful display with these 3d printed candy cane ! This unique and festive candy cane display can illuminate your front yard or walkway at night with the addition of LED Christmas lights running through it. The easy to install display adds the perfect touch to any front yard or walkway.

Link to download: X-MAS LED Candy Cane by laupe1 – Thingiverse

1. Sleigh Lantern

Link to Download: Sleigh Lantern by laptop-guy – Thingiverse

Light up your Christmas with a fun and unique 3D-printed lamp to keep your hallway, stairs, and pathway illuminated. This lamp is a great way to decorate your home this Christmas season. The lamp is designed to be easily assembled by gluing each edge of the panels to the adjacent ones.

2. Nutella Candy Dispenser

Don’t throw away your Nutella jars because you can use them for this candy dispenser. This 3d printed candy dispenser is a great idea for treats during the holidays. This can be a great way to reuse your Nutella Jar or similar-sized Jar.You can also add Christmas colors to the base, which makes it more festive. You can use it to keep your Christmas treats like Skittles Eminem’s and other little treats.

Link to Download: Nutella Glass Candy Dispenser for bigger candy by rolfmobil – Thingiverse

3. Candy Cane Snowflake Decoration